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A word on having disAbilities

A word on having disabilities
A word on having disAbilities -

My name is Sophie Kubowicz. Thankyou for coming to join us at the workshop today. I wanted to have a word on disabilities with you to start from my point of view. 

Collaborative Care is vital for people planning to parent while having a disability. I have disabilities and I hadn’t seriously explored the possibility of becoming a parent until I met Namyra of DisAbility Maternity Care.

disAbility Maternity Care is opening doors for people in this area by providing access to supportive Health and Service Providers, education. And also Events such as this October’s Workshop. 

I’m not a parent yet but I know my own journey through my mother’s experience. This was in country New South Wales during the 1990’s when life with disabilities had not been fully enlightened. Especially where I lived, which was hundreds of kilometers from anywhere. There was basic assistance, such as domestic cleaning which was a terrific help. This would be still a great help to a new or expectant Mum, especially who might have difficulty caring for her baby during pregnancy or after delivery. But no other support services.

There was a huge gap in any other assistances that would have been welcomed. Things such as Physio, Occupational and Speech Therapists plus Sibling care.

It’s inspiring how the team at DMC has recognized the need for people with disAbilities to be able to birth and parent their own children. Part of this is making sure  the many different health and disability Providers  collaborate to help make this happen. Each person is special, has their own set of ability and therefore has diverse needs, especially when it comes to pregnancy and parenting.

It seems the cloud over giving birth to your own children has been lifted from those of us with disAbilities. Thanks to disAbility Maternity Care.

We would like to welcome you to the workshop today, and hope you gain lots of information from attending. We also welcome feedback and any questions over the day.

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