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Mother with brown hair and glasses, seated and holding baby on pillow and bottlefeeding

Breastfeeding with a disability

Whether you are a first time mum or a third, everyone has an opinion about how to feed your child. Deaire, brand ambassador for disAbility Maternity Care talks about the challenges of breastfeeding with a disability.

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Newborn baby wrapped in blankets after birth. Mother looking for the first time on new born daughter. Newborn child seconds and minutes after birth. Happy mum crying.

Self-care after a caesarean when you have a disability

The first few months after your baby is born are a crucial time for self-care. I’m going to bust one very important myth. Once the baby is born, it’s not just a quick and easy transition back. Don’t forget your body has just been through a pretty traumatic experience and now it has to readapt to a new normal.

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Image taken from Pexels

Summer and Water Safety: Tips for Parents of Young Children

Summer is synonymous with fun for young children – trips to the beach, playing with friends under the open sky, and playing in the swimming pool with friends and family are some typical summer activities. But in all that fun and excitement, it’s important to remember that water can pose a threat for kids at times, especially younger ones who do not quite understand the dangers. This article gives some tips and pointers for keeping kids safe during summertime.

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