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Young mother sitting on scooter, wearing a rust patterned dress. She is travelling down a path with park in background., and smiling at the camera

Mamability: from disability diagnosis to launching a Life Coaching and Chair Yoga business

I didn’t know I had a disability when I had my two daughters 11 and 9 years ago. But I knew at the time that I struggled with many tasks that come with having a new baby. I couldn’t use nappy pins, I struggled to dress them. I couldn’t undo clasps, clips and straps on any baby equipment. I remember searching for a pram that had a clasp that I could undo. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you!

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Deaires 2nd pregnancy2

Becoming pregnant with cerebral palsy

“That first pregnancy test is nerve-wracking for everyone, so many thoughts pass through your head as you wait for a result”, For Deaire, who has cerebral palsy, becoming pregnant was not only a surprise, but added a whole new layer to managing life with a disability.

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