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Disabled Pregnancy Care

When it comes to the care of pregnant individuals with disabilities, accessing reliable and safe information is of paramount importance. At disAbility Maternity Care, we recognise the unique requirements of those embarking on the journey of parenthood while managing disabilities. Our dedicated team is committed to providing invaluable insights and essential support throughout this transformative experience. Whether you seek guidance regarding pregnancy, childbirth, or early parenting, we offer an extensive array of resources tailored to disability pregnancy care. Our website serves as a comprehensive hub, offering a wealth of information related to disabled pregnancy care; and we offer superior expert counsel, and a nurturing community comprised of individuals who have shared similar experiences.

Fostering Disability Pregnancy Care Resources

Managing a pregnancy while living with a disability can present its own set of challenges. However, with our disability pregnancy care resources at your disposal, you can make well-informed decisions with confidence. We present a diverse range of materials, including articles, videos, and webinars, addressing topics such as accessible prenatal care, adaptive parenting strategies, and fostering connections with other parents who also have disabilities. These disability pregnancy care resources are thoughtfully designed to empower you and provide pragmatic solutions for common hurdles. We’re proud to offer the best resources you can find online, and we’re not new to this field, we have many years of experience supplying second to none solutions of the highest category.

Your Trusted Companion in Disability Pregnancy Care

disAbility Maternity Care stands as your trusted companion, providing a rich repository of disability pregnancy care resources and a supportive network, ensuring you possess the knowledge and confidence required to navigate pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting with grace and resilience. We invite you to explore our website today, where a wealth of information and support eagerly awaits you. With disAbility Maternity Care by your side, your journey to parenthood is made a bit smoother and more manageable.

As parents, knowing you are not alone helps you to get through those challenging times. Sharing stories also helps us feel connected. If you would like to contribute a story, please contact us here.

disAbility Maternity Care provides information about pregnancy, birth and early parenting for parents with a disability, families and professionals. Our range of services includes information, training and events as well as links to other relevant organisations. Sign up to receive updates, or check out our social media sites.

Disabled Pregnancy Care

Latest News

“Spring into Parenting: Collaborative Care to support Parents with disabilities” 2023 Conference

disAbility Maternity Care is excited to bring you the second annual Collaborative Care to support Parents with Disabilities Conference. Join us for a Pre-Conference workshop on 1st August 1-5pm, followed by the full day conference on September 1st 8.30 – 4.30. This is followed by our Networking event to 6pm.

Maternity and community providers are encouraged to attend and upskill.

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disAbility Maternity Matters Podcast

Season 2 Coming soon!!!

Season 1 is now available for listening. In this season parents Toby, Dani, Simon and Kimberley provide valuable insights into their lived experience as a parent with a disability.

Subscribe to listen to Season 1 of disAbility Maternity Matters.

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New Blogs

Mind the (disability) gender gap

Celebrate the importance of fathers in our lives with this new blog. Having fathers with disabilities visible in our community establishes good role models for children, both with and without disabilities.

Breastfeeding with a disability

Read the latest blogs from our ambassador Deaire as she talks about the challenges of breastfeeding with a disability.


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Parents and Families
We are looking for other organisations to work with us to change the conversation for parents with a disability. If you are interested in working with us to do this please contact us here.

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