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Women with a disability experience particular disadvantage especially in relation to reproductive health and parenting. Research has shown that many health professionals know little about providing childbearing care or information to this consumer group. It is further magnified by a lack of specific maternity resources for women with disability, especially in Australia.

Evidence-based research is limited in this area, particularly in relation to the provision of pregnancy or birthing care for women with a disability. This section of the website contains information and articles to assist health professionals supporting and providing care for women with disabilities during pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period. Each article is presented in blog format with links to further resources and information specific to each topic.

Mother standing beside hospital bed in labour, using the gas. Midwife is standing beside her helping her.

Is midwifery care ‘ableist’?

Caring for women during birth can be challenging – especially if the mother has a disability. Here, Amanda reflects on being ableist as a midwife, caring for Jane with a hearing impairment. She offers A-Z tips on providing care that is not ableist.

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Getting Baby-Ready as a Mum with a Physical Disability

“There were many people that doubted I could be a mum without someone else to do the physical things for me.”

Deaire, our brand ambassador speaks about getting baby-ready when you have a physical disability. She urges mothers with a disability to listen to their bodies, and consider how you might do things as you prepare for managing a newborn at home.

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Deaires 2nd pregnancy2

Becoming pregnant with cerebral palsy

“That first pregnancy test is nerve-wracking for everyone, so many thoughts pass through your head as you wait for a result”, For Deaire, who has cerebral palsy, becoming pregnant was not only a surprise, but added a whole new layer to managing life with a disability.

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Women with disability experiencing Domestic and Family Violence

Women with disability experiencing Domestic and Family Violence

In Australia, one in four women experience domestic or family violence at some time. For women with a disability, this increases with 50% of these women experiencing such trauma.

For women with intellectual disability, the rate increases higher, and often contributes to justification for removal of their babies from their care.

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