Disabled Women and Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is encountered by disabled women more frequently than non-disabled women, yet disabled women are less likely to receive appropriate services, and there has been little research on their experiences and how this problem can be addressed.This book, drawing on the first UK national study of disabled women who have suffered domestic violence, highlights the experiences of these women, the nature of the violence perpetrated against them, and the seriousness and range of its impacts. The book draws attention to the gaps in services for disabled women and discusses how professional responses should be developed and improved, pointing to current examples of good practice. It includes first-hand accounts from disabled women and includes contributions from leading disabled women activists.This book will be important reading for students, practitioners, policymakers and academics in the fields of disability and domestic violence.

Table of Contents:

  • Why the Economy Matters in the Study of Crime
  • The Relationship Between Crime and the Economy
  • A brief intellectual history
  • The Elusive Connection Between Crime and Unemployment
  • White Collar and Other Organised Crime
  • New Directions in Theory and Research
  • The Underground Economy, Property Crime, and Violent Crime
  • Harm Reduction
  • The Economy and Crime Control Policy

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