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Video Resources

disAbility Maternity Care develops and promotes a range of resources for both consumers as well as professionals to use.  Our  video clip resources here can be used free of charge for teaching with clients or professionals. 

Getting to know your Baby

This videos includes important information about Skin-to-Skin Contact, Communicating and Responsiveness.

How to take a Pregnancy Test

If your results were positive check out this helpful article here.

3 Things to ask your Doctor

1. I’m pregnant, what do I do now?

2. If I have a disability will my baby have a disability?

3. Will be disability effect my pregnancy?

Please contact us directly with any questions so we can help your exiting new journey.

5 Things you need to Know if you are Pregnant with a Disability

1. Having a disability doesn’t stop you being a mother.

2. Find a midwife or doctor you feel comfortable with.

3. Ask for a longer or double appointment.

4. Get as much support as you can.

5. Get help to plan for motherhood.

Looking after your Emotions in Pregnancy

Jackie Rosen on Pregnancy with Disability

Jackie Rosen, from ‘What’s the difference’ podcast talks about her disability, decisions to become pregnant, and how her cardiac and other conditions have affected her pregnancy. She provides an honest, open and humorous account of the challenges encountered in the first half of her pregnancy.

@therollingexplorer On Motherhood

Jessica Ping-Wild, known as @therollingexplorer, discusses her plans for motherhood with Namira from disAbility Maternity Care.

Cynthia C Mintz on Surrogacy

Cynthia Cheng Mintz from ‘What’s the Difference’ podcast discusses becoming a mother through the pathways of adoption and surrogacy.

Jackie Rosen talks about giving birth and early days as a mother

Jackie Rosen from ‘What’s the Difference’ podcast in her second interview with disAbility Maternity Care talks about her experiences in late pregnancy, her baby Hannah’s birth and early mothering.

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